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You can use this service to shorten your links for free. For example, to share on social networking services, for printed documents with limited surface area, or to shorten shared links for photos and documents with restrictions. The service is secure because it is operated in Japan and URLs can be stored with encryption.


Image Share

Uploading images, you can get shorten link. No registration required.


By Password or Mailaddress
Access Restrictions

By Device as OS and Browser
Transfer Settings

Expiration Setting


  • URL Encryption
  • Email Address Collection Settings
  • Transfer Method Selection (301、302、Cushion Page)
  • Access Analysis
  • Function to Change the Design of the Confirmation Screen (If the setting is set to be displayed)
  • Any String Can Be Set as URL (*1)
  • OGP Can Be Set for SNS sharing

(*1) Comming Soon

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